Perform the Perfect Squat Every Time

There are some huge health benefits that people get from performing squats.  Whether it be improving energy and stamina, or helping to keep your hormones balanced, squats have shown to provide the health and fitness benefits that other exercises simply can’t provide.

However, there are many people out there who struggle to do squats properly, and this can either cause you to not feel the full benefits or even risk injury.

Here are some tips for performing the perfect squat every time.

Hire a personal trainer

A personal trainer will be able to provide you with the instruction that you need in order to ensure that you are always doing exercises correctly.  Having personal, one-on-one instruction is second-to-none when it comes to making sure that you are taking care of your health and fitness.

Look up instructional videos online

While a personal trainer is ideal, if you can’t afford one, the next best thing is to use instructional videos to assist you in performing exercises properly.  While you won’t have the added benefit of personal instruction, if you follow instructional videos correctly, you won’t need one.

Take the time to watch these videos in order to make sure that you always know what you are doing.

Buy a product that can assist you

Products such as smartsquat can provide you with the physical feedback that even a personal trainer or an instructional video usually can’t.  Being able to feel when you are performing the squat incorrectly can help you to make sure that you are not picking up any bad habits.


The ideal would be to utilize all of these resources in order to make sure that you’re always performing squats correctly, but if all three aren’t possible, then one or two are better than none. 

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